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I would request all my dear friends who have ever been played the role of an interviewer to feed in their remarks. Topic :  As an Interviewer what do you feel most candidates are lacking with....... 

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Bipin Patra( then working with NIIT Technologies )
Miss. Amita Pattnaik
Satyakama( then working with Wipro )
Raj kishore Dash( then working with FCG )
Pravat Santra( then working with IBM )
Rajkishore Dash ( then working with HP )
Biswaranjan Rath ( then working with PTC )
Priyasloka Arya ( then working with Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab )
Pranab Kishore Panda ( then working with Aztec )
Shrinibas Rout ( then working with Techmahindra - MBT )
Biswajit Agarwalla ( then working with HP )
Manas Jena ( then working with Techmahindra - MBT )
Siba Ram Baral ( then working with SAP Labs )

Bipin Patra Says .....

The IT industry has reduced their requirements due to the recession in the global market. So the competition level is very high in any opening going on. As a member of the recruitment panel (Technical) at NIIT what I have observed 70% to 80% of the people attending the interview are not fit for the requirement.
The main reason behind this is communication gap. Most of the time the requirements are not clearly communicated to the candidates attending the interview. I would suggest before attending any interview be clear on the requirements for the position and prepare accordingly.

Technical skills play a major role in your selection process but this is not the whole wolrld. One needs to show Positive attitude, learning ability, so that you can take your interviewer in to confidence. You should be very clear on the roles and responsibilities stated in your profile and be prepared to answer any question from that.

Communication skills of the candidate plays a big role in the selection process as many times what I have observed though the candidate knows the correct answer but he is not able to express. So if you are lacking in this area then watching English News channels and reading English newspapers loudly will help you out.

Be confident on your answers and try to make it precise. One should try to answer to the point, if you donít know the answer of any question then you should not hesitate saying that you are not aware of this. Many times I found people trying to answer in situation like this and spoil every thing they have done.

Above all donít be nervous in front of the interviewer also in situations where the interviewer tries to access the stress tolerance capability of yours.

Try to improve your Soft skills level as that is really important.

If one need help on any of these please donít hesitate to reach me at


Miss Amita Pattnaik Says .....

I think my latest tips for candidates may be productive. Again some important tips i like to share are tricky thing you have to do just see the mentality and mode of interviewer during interview and tell direct answers of particular questions what he is asking.
2.Try your best to motivate the interviewer in which area you are strong in technologies.
3.Don't let to know the interviewer your tension about the answer if you are unable to answer the question. Directly tell you don't know please.


Satyakama ( then working with Wipro ) Says .....

1)Confidence Answer
2)Facing Attitude
3)Attaintion towards interviewer for giving the exact answer

Raj kishore Dash ( then working with FCG ) Says .....

I think my latest tips for candidates may be productive. Again some important tips i like to share are tricky thing you have to do just see the mentality and mode of interviewer during interview and tell direct answers of particular questions what he is asking.

2.Try your best to motivate the interviewer in which area you are strong in technologies.

3.Don't let to know the interviewer your tension about the answer if you are unable to answer the question. Directly tell you don't know please.


Pravat Santra ( then working with HP ) Says .....

As a technical interviewer i think Some of the tips candidates should look at are

Many times people come who are not really focused on what they are want to be. When I see a candidate has changed his Career from one to another many a times in the past, then it implies that the candidate is unstable in his decisions and not confident enough to stick to one. I might be completely wrong but just my personal thought.

And communication is one area where all have to concentrate, Becz in 20 to 30minutes time no one can check all the technical abilities but communication is basic requirement. We might not need hi-fi ornamental English but still simple and plain English to express all you know is more than enough.

Dress code also makes a good impression. But the point I would like to make is people will tell you always to have light color shirts and dark color pant and lather shoes. But that is always not correct. If your skin color is bit dark, then better prefer to wear a bit dark colored stuff. If not it looks very very odd. And if you fair then dark color will look good. It is not standard that you should always go with the conventional white and black stuff. But yes don't go for zigs and zags.

And there are many more things then just the above stuff. If you think I can help you out in any regards then you can join me on Orkut else on yahoo messenger also am available (pravat_chintu).


Rajkishore Dash ( then working with HP ) Says .....

As a technical interviewer i think Some of the tips candidates should look at are

1.Attension of an interviewer comes when he/she see candidates getup.
2.candidates confidence.
3.How a candidate describe himself during introduction and explaining about his technical backgrounds.
4.candidate should give emphasise on technologies what his current project is.
5.while describing technical details he should be able to write a code on that specific.


Biswaranjan Rath ( then working with PTC ) Says .....

I just want to emphasize upon one thing - Oral Communication.

It's true that we Oriya guys have Accent problem. This is mostly due to our negligence or lack of training. But rather blaming somebody or the oriya education system, we should come up with solutions to excel in the future. To improve your oral communication, I would suggest read daily newspaper as loudly as you can and listen carefully to indian news channels to rectify yourself.

If possible you can record your voice and listen it to understand how clear your voice is. Even you can refer to refer to a dictionary for accent.

So to summarize things:

1. Read daily newspaper loudly (if you have problem talking with friends in english, this will help you a lot)
2. Refer to dictionary or english news channel This will refine your accent. Most common accent error is pronouncing the letter 'V', e.g, advertisement or even Love.


Priyasloka Arya ( Then Working with Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab ) Says .....

I have been associated with Honeywell almost for a year and have taken interviews over 100 candidates. In sum and substance I want to summarize my experience with all of you.

--->    Candidates are adhering to false experience which is really painful. It is not easy to fool and circumvent the interviewer with fake competencies. I can understand the pain, frustration, agony of the job hunters who stick to this kind of unethical
way in desperation. It is true that in the job market is like war field and game is not all fair. Reference candidates get calls, people put proxies in written test, certificates are forged and even interviews are manipulated no name a few of dark sides of this trend.
--->    My friends still honesty pays. With a weak foundation of false exp. it is difficult to go far in life. There is no substitute of hard work.
--->    People can show dummy projects in their areas of interest area under a mentor (who can be your friend in job). This is a relatively new trend and it pays well in interview and will give a sense of personal gratification.
--->    Oral communication plays a vital role, it is mandatory for all job hunters. They can refer to TOEFL CDS, oxford talking dictionary and BBC educations CDS. Even watching English news in BBC and other channels pays a dividend.
--->    Resume preparation is equally important .Resume should be made professionally with utmost care. Please avoid copy paste from others.
--->    One are of prime importance is presentation skill. Candidates should prepare mock session with friends to gauge their current ability and identify the weak areas where they need to work on.
--->    Last but not the least, a good dress sense. It can be seen as optional but it has its own effect.
A combination of hands on experience, good oral communication, power dressing and lots of positive attitude can do wonders.


Pranab Kishore Panda ( Then Working with Aztec ) Says .....

I have observed a great amount of fear and lack of understanding in candidates which force the interviewer to think of somebody better.

1. IT sector recruitment is totally different from other sectors.
2. Interview is taken to select the candidates not to reject them.
3. I will never agree with you that u r scared of interview or interviewer, but u r scared of loosing the game.
4. Loosing or winning is altogether a different concept but at least u have to put on a good show. Thatís what the interviewer wants.
5. Dont think u have to be better than any body else but u have to be different than others.
6. Best candidate doesnít get the job but matching and suitable candidate gets the job.
7. Try to be unique always.
8. IT industry believes since u r speaking well so u must be knowing well.u can speak well only when u know well.
9. Communication is another key factor to success.
10. Think different think beyond

Shrinibas Rout ( Then Working with Techmahindra - MBT ) Says .....

As a candidate he/she should be always attentive to the most important thing is attitude and self confidence.Nothing is impossible in this world to acheive.Basing upon the mode of determination and preparation leads one to get the success,that doesn't mean if one is neither determined nor well prepared,won't get success.He /She will get if at all a great dreamer. That i need to say "Life without innovation is the wastage of Oxygen".So one's thought gives the right track to go ahead.Always think positive and defend the hurdles with rosy blessings & keep faith on own.I hope this is the right way of providing ample boost to our youngsters,those who are coming for job hunt in outside Orissa.Keep updating yourself always,never be irritate on reading more and more and wait for the golden day that also running behind you"think so".At last i request all the service holders to help open heartly to these job hunters irrespective of any self.

Tips to face the interview:
Introduce yourself properly,never forget to shake hand(he/she) doesn't matter.
Be attentive to the person who is taking your interview.
Keep smiling and look gently,whether you know the answeror not
If you are not getting the qns ,ask politely as "am i right, the qns you have asked is this? " don't ask them to repeat the qns once again ,try your self to draw their attention that you have got the qns but need more clarification.

If you don't know the ans at all, don't pass the qns,try to say something related to the qns,that gives idea about your innovation and logical thought.

Always try to keep on writting infront of the interviewer,which clarifies the communication gap of delivering ans.

Finally hope for the positive response,never loose your hope.


Biswajit Agarwalla ( Then Working with HP ) Says .....

what i learned and visualize while taking interviews is..
1. most of the people doesnt know abt there projects properly. theyshould have knowledge of the projects they are showing. they are not sure of wht they have done in a perticular project. they only concentrate on the current project but if somebody ask about the last project they hardly know.
2.while preparing the resume they dont put their strong points in the front page of the resume.
3. the most important thing is the communication skills. it doent include only speaking english it also include speaking sense while u r speaking. sense means if u r not very fluent in speaking english then be slow while speaking and make the slow speaking as your style of speaking.
4. while answering the interviewer dont behave as you know everything.because the interviewer understands that u r showing off even though u give all the answer bcoz of ur over showing of smartness he will disqualify give appropriate answer.
5. And be confident while answering.
my mantra of succeeding interviews and defeating nervousness is "the current oppertunity is not the last oppertunity there are many more waiting for me". so be cool headed.



Manas Jena ( Then Working with Techmahindra - MBT ) Says .....

What I feel, those guys are deficient in attitude. You should always wear a positive attitude towards your future. Be confident while attending an interview. Feel that I am not going to loose anything from this interview rather the company going to loose a good candidate like me. Never afraid of anything in life because life is too short to worry about those small thingsÖ Anyways God is with you and heíll help you but before that you need to help yourselfÖ. What do you say ??? Have that fire inside you Ö ď I can do it ď


Siba Ram Baral ( Then Working with SAP Labs ) Says .....

During all recent interview drives that are being conducted across IT sector, it has been observed that most of the candidates have certain distinguished limitations. This not only pin points and segregates them out of the rest but also leads to certain unwanted situations.

First of all I must appreciate that most of the candidates and IT professionals are excellent at technology, theoretically strong, always interested in learning, scientific in nature, motivated, dedicated towards their career, supportive, dynamic and polite. But due to few of the sort falls and area of improvements they are not success driven in all interviews. Here in I will be discussing few of the major concerns which needs immediate attention and steady get over.

1. Communication Skill :

The most important and critical aspect of a selection process. Need highest amount of care and attention.

The problem : ---- It has been commonly observed during interviews that Oriya candidates can be well distinguished from others because of their oral communication. The moment interviewer notices this he gives a curly lip smile and the result goes against the candidates. And we curse ourselves or the interviewer for getting disqualified at the last round. Now what we are lacking here is proper pronunciation and perfection in grammar.

The Solution : ---- Let me tell you itís not at all difficult and can be easily over taken by a little of practice and exercise. The best piece of reference can be English news in television. I would suggest all is to once visit the following channels and get referred.

Headlines today : For observing how to speak English in Indian Ascent.

BBC : For observing how to speak English in British Ascent.

Letís learn and practice how to answer during interview processes at home by conducting mock interview sessions with room mates and friends. The more frequently we do this, the more we will be perfect and hence the more we will be close to success.

2. Copying otherís resumes :

This is an age old traditional method followed by all in the name of resume preparation. Itís high time we must get rid of this and type each and every characters and words of our own resume. Me must think that resume is the only medium of entering into a professional world. We must make it of our own and not copy and paste otherís. How ever we can always take reference, advice, guidance and suggestion from others to help us mend our resume.