sub : Is India really Republic or Independent as per minimum definition benchmark?

Date : Friday, 25 January 2008 5:11 PM

Jaya Jagannath,

Dear friends, Are we really independent and republic according to the definition's minimum benchmark. Can we justify to our independence or being republic and democratic? While sacrificing for the country during freedom struggles what ever our brave heros had dreamed about, are we really there? Is our celebrations justified? Why is it that we need a special day to show our loyalty or affection towards our nation? Why do we give importance to this one day? Are we indians patriot for only one day of the year? Well let's see how far justified we are….

- We Indians are dumped under the shoe soles of a bunch of like-minded politicians. For their own selfishness they manhandle the country.
- Two terror attacks shook the world during july 2006. The first was the series of Mumbai blast (340 killed, 1000 injured) and the second was abduction and Capture of two Israeli soldiers by Lebanese militant group "Hezbollah". The first one was against India ( A nation with world's third largest armed force and a nuclear super power country) and the second terror attack was against Israel ( a comparatively less power, US backed country). India reacted to Mumbai attack with hot criticism and little investigation that vanished and frozen within a month but Israel was all set to erase Lebanon from globe. Can India ever think of being aggressive like US and Israel? They preserve their independence and we beg and enjoy it from terrorists and naxalites.
- India is the only sanctuary of 23 separate groups of terrorists and lakhs of naxalites in 12 states. We plead for their permission to not harm our pilgrims during Akshyaradham visit, Vaishno Devi mela and Gangotri yatra. Have you ever heard any hindu terrorist group attacking on huj pilgrims on way to Mecca or madina. Of course we are not to in human.
- Bribe and Corruption has become the vital nutrition of government. We can't imagine of any government work without this vitamin B and C. Police constables and traffic cops are ready to sell their honesty for 50 rupees only.
- Laws are made by our elected representatives and thrown upon on us. And we call ourselves the largest democracy in the world.
- Scholars, scientists and talented people are least interested to work in India and kick off our country and go to foreign nations although settle their with low class privileges and under doubtful and hatred eyes.
- Most of our fundamental rights are denied to us. And we are expected to co-operate. India is said to be a secular state.
- Our secularism goes for a ride whenever there is communal tension in any part of our country.
- Our youth have acquired all western cultures and hence "Living together" relations have become more common than all other countries together in the world.
- The people of all metropolitan cities always live in the dark gloom of Terrorist attack.
- The man who dared to attack the parliament of his so called mother land killing 16 security persons instantly, is proudly enjoying his life and is being supported by rallies and secularists of a whole state.
- Trains, aero planes and other public communication medium are running under the blessings of terrorists and hijackers.
- Our surveillance systems are so week that some one can drop a huge chunk of arms by using a small single sitter propeller plane after crossing the full breadth of our country, fly till Australia, enjoy and dare to come back in the same route but still undetected by security agencies.
- Our news channels broadcast all news of violence, war and odd stuff related to women but never show anything positive.
- Our country mourns on the death of a politician, cine actor or cricketer but not on the death of a brave soldier who laid his life protecting our country.
- We like buying all foreign brand stuff in the name of aristocracy and status and at the same time criticize some thing made in India.
- We are eager to shed our "ego and parampara" and embrace the Americanism for money and status symbol?

Although the above holds, still We have an independent army, our people think that we are independent and we have an independent political system. So what will make us really independent?

Even America is not really independent. It is dependent on imported crude oil. And that is causing a major havoc in American life. That is the root cause of problems in 9/11, Palestine-Israel, Middle East, Iraq, Japan and Russia probably is more independent than India. It has every thing it needs for self-sustaining. One thing is missing though! Pride among its citizen and self-realization that how strong Russia is. Russia has all mineral resources, nuclear, space and high tech, highly technical and skilled labor force, enough crude oil to feed the rest of the world and relatively strong military power to resist any aggression on its homeland. China is also strong but not as good as Russia. US is of course strong and independent except it does not have the oil and US citizens are financially weaker due to excessive borrowing and massive debt ridden infrastructure.

So what all India needs to be a real independent and republic country.

- Well first India must be a member of the Security Council with full veto power.
- Economy must not be dependent on any one else's. The myth that outsourcing jobs may make India an economic superpower is bogus!
- India should make goods and services on her own and other countries should be eager to buy that! That is what happens in Japan – yes that is what I mean!
- We should invest and research in alternative fuel. Like America India is dependent on imported Petroleum and that has to go. India should move ahead and start using Hydrogen as an alternative fuel and show the world that it is a leading super power. Forth, Indians do not need to leave their own country to earn some dollars or euros or yens.
- We should restrict our talent scholars who get educated here and serve in other countries from fleeing our country.
- A corruption free clean life where no one will be influenced with this virus.
- Politicians must and should be of IAS ( Indian Administrative services ) cadre and should extremely exceeding performance index.
- For crime against women and children should be treated with capital punishment in the country and this should be so horrifying that other can learn a lesson from it.