sub : Performance Appraisal and Salary Hike


Jaya Jagannath,

Let's all professionals have this year's resolution of continue being one among the top talents of our companies for the year 2008. The management review meeting for performance appraisal will no more be a hot, rough and scary discussion any more. Believe me Lord Sri Jagannath will favor each and every Oriyans to have a great time during performance review and supreme God Sri Jagannath's own wife Goddess Laxmi will start following the salary appraisal hence further. Please don't forget to chant "Jai Jagnnath" closing your eyes for a moment and recall his face once before entering the performance review meeting room. This will trigger a miracle, any negative remarks, complains or regrets if your manager would have thought to grill upon will instantly get omitted and the whole review will be a happy, healthy, fun filled discussion only. Out come will be a huge hike in Salary and a step up in designation to the next higher level. Trust me lord Sri Jagannath is there for all his devotees who prays him during trouble.

Tricks to be the best professional in an organization :
Here comes a few simple steps that triggers in creation of a massive impression about all Oriya IT professionals among employers and recruiters. This will not only make us boost our performance, but also will build up a wave a of curiosity among recruiters and employers to pick up all our unemployed Oriya brothers and sisters from the market. No more Oriyans from our mother land will ever sit unemployed struggling for a job. Let's be the best and thus prepare a ground that will help us get appreciated for ever. There is a saying:

"Don't lower your expectations to meet your Performance, RAISE your Performance to meet your Expectations"

Great then, let's all get molded to again be the top talents of our companies. Following are the few simple steps that if followed will definitely add us an edge over the rest. Let's cultivate and nourish all our new joining Oriya IT professionals to set this trend too. All it costs is a bit of Honesty at work, Dedication and responsiveness to our assignments along with the priceless blessings of our ever beloved god Lord Sri Jagannath.

1. First of all our day at office should start with a great value of Sincerity. Let's all make our mind up to be in office well before time every day, all days, every day. A decent dressed formal and professional look not only values our personality but also magnifies our self confidence. Believe me a smart looking man or a decent looking sober lady is always approached, appreciated and followed as a icon by all. Let's we be the ones ahead of all in this regard. Let's all Oriyans be clearly distinguished in our organization as the brightest, straight and cleanest handsome guys and pretty ladies.

2. With a brief implore to Sri Jagannath and a small whisper chant of "Jai Jagannath", let's swing into our work with a recharged vibration and energy. Wish if all of us can download a picture of Lord Sri Jagannath on our desktops and save the same as wall papers on desk top. Believe me if lord Jagannath will be behind all our open applications and screens he will never let us do mistakes in work.

3. With a cute smile on face and a fun filled jubilant mind let's start our work with a complete undisturbed concentration and attention. Another best practice is, from this new year onwards let's every one of us practice a habit of referring at least 5 resumes of our job searching Oriya brothers and sisters per day to our internal job referral portal. If one thousand among us will internally refer 5 resumes per day for one month at least, I bet we will cover all Oriyans who are still struggling for job and thus all our unemployed Oriya friends will start getting at least 10 calls per day per head. That's more than enough for them, the real talents will get picked up and others will get motivated to brush up further for the same. Thus we won't have any more of our Oriya brothers and sisters unemployed struggling for job at all. Over that we will also be benefited with Employee referral bonus too. It's a win win for all of us.

4. Let's add the best values of decency, politeness and soft speaking motivation skills to each and every words of our communication. This will not only boost and motivate the front person to get associated with your work, but also will create a like minded politics free environment and a real team work habitat.

5. Understand the complete functionality of the assignment before start working on it. If possible initiate for brief reverse presentation sessions with colleagues and other stake holder to ensure all in the same page of techno functional understanding before starting the work.

6. During training sessions completely devote to the trainer, Learn each and every bits of the stuff and be shame less in asking any minute doubts and clarifications.

7. Always make sure to do your work ahead of the schedule. Plan in advance with the whole team to ensure a early completion of task with few buffer days in hand. Never keep any work pending till last day. Always use last buffer days for value addition to a completed work.

8. Always it's better to have a thorough review of each and every work that you do, if you are newly joined in the company. Getting reviewed is for value additions only and not to proof mistakes. Till the time you are not aligned with the present employees of the company, get your deliverables reviewed.

9. Enhance your communication skills, leadership skills with your own personal initiatives. Learn from superiors in the office. Follow their best practices, crisis handling abilities, project management skills, Process adherence skills, learn and implement the same in your day to day life. This will tune your abilities in the same wave length and thus you can also be able to do the same most efficiently in future.

10. Worried about being struck with some thing which you don't know, here is a long term investment for it. Try helping other colleagues as much as you can even if you need to stretch out beyond office hours also. This will create an environment of goodwill among colleagues which you can en-cash any time when you are in trouble. Always build and maintain a set of great friends who bears the same skill set and work nature both inside your office and among your friend circle in other companies too. This will provide you instant help incase you feel the work tough.

11. Don't just do the work that's assigned. Try to always think beyond it. Adding value to your work by taking initiatives, innovations and following best practices make the deliverable a state of the art one. This will directly reflect in your Performance appraisal and of course your pay slip too.

12. Learn the whole process that's in place for your organization, the quality policy, implement and realize the same in your day to day work and justify the productivity. This makes you not only recognized as a smart working process guy, buy also will uplift your image and face value as an Icon of the company.

13. Be an active, energetic guy always recharged and positive minded to accept any challenges. Never say No to any thing. If you don't know ask for help but make sure you do every thing which any other person can do. This will build up your reputation as an one point focal to any one and every ones tribulations.

14. Never ever get involved in Politics in office. Try to avoid and even prevent people from doing so. Have a positive mind set to sweeten the environment with a professional good will. Be soft and sweet spoken and encourage others to do so too.

15. It's a great habit to learn other languages and try talking to people in their own mother tongue. This will be extremely helpful for you to build a great team spirit and friend's circle in Office.

16. Always find error in a work and not in any person. Encourage and motivate people to realize their responsibilities.

17. Be focused to work only during office hours. Never get diverted by un official works during office hours.

18. Be extremely caring for other gender colleagues, never get involved personally, no emotions and affection are acceptable in profession.

19. If at all you get free time and are not loaded with assignments, then have a great time with "Google". Learn some thing technical, your skill set related, a new skill set. This will not only let you grow but also will add whole together another dimension to your resume.

20. During parties and official outings be within your own restrictions. Never loose your value and never be uncontrolled.

Let's all promise to come up in life by aligning to all the best practices of life. Let's prove the world that Oriya Professionals are the best among the breeds in the world. Let's creat a revolution of great reputation among recruiters and employers that will not only help us in case we are looking for a change but also drive along our Oriya brothers and sisters who are looking for a job. We all know that in the present trend of Job marathon there is always some one unemployed waiting out side the gate with a better skill to replace you at a still cheaper rate. All we need to survive in the current trend is to be the best of the rest, get united, organized and march ahead in each and every steps of life.

Hope you all like this message and find it beneficial in your day to day life. Please revert back to me at or 9 8 4 5 7 6 0 8 4 8, in case of any value additions, clarifications, feedback or issues.