sub : Tricks to avoid lay offs


Jaya Jagannath,

Recently few software companies have started firing huge chunks of innocent employees for some or the other reasons. Even though they quote it being unable to handle overflowing talent pool and tackle market crunches but another side they are recruiting to replace all vacant positions. Among the laid off ones few of our innocent but talented oriya brothers and sisters also came to road. It's a real shock and stun which has triggered the alarm of possible similar job threats to any one of the rest in future. Let's all of us unite and extend a helping hand to these needy ones. Let's strategize a planned framework quick action schedule not only to help our needy people get on to track again but also to ensure a instant preventive tactic against similar circumstances in future. Let's frame a "Joint Smack Force", that make us get fortified again, plan, strategize and implement a recovery life boat to rescue our drowning guiltless oriya people. Let's all unite to sweep in all our job searching brothers and sisters and enroot them across all software companies.

Responding to so many such incidents, we couple of friends and colleagues have discussed elaborately on this and come up with a plan. Please follow the following steps, analyze and let us know if you have some suggestions, enhancements, modifications or corrections to this plan. We encourage active participation from all of you who are working in IT companies to swing in and rescue our innocent Oriya brothers and sisters who got laid off recently.

If every one of us who are working in IT companies spend just 10 minutes everyday ( desirably beyond office hours ) and believe me it's estimated that you won't find an unemployed but really talented Oriya brother or sister with a degree in hand ever struggling for job for more than a month.

Plan 0. Centralized database of ready available CVs of all of us accessible to all for instant referring and avoiding mail spamming
Scope : The whole theme of this message is to announce that we have planned for a centralized dashboard on web, that will contain details of Skill set, contacts and downloadable resumes of all people who are looking for job. The web page will be very similar to an excel sheet with each row depicting a candidates name, skill set, experience, contact details, email Id and links to down load respective resumes. This page also will be accompanied with a search engine and script for sorting the table. This central repository will be updated with every ones resumes and details by us in a daily basis. Any one among us who would be looking for candidates for any job opening in their company can directly go to that site and download resumes to refer. So no more resume attached mail circulations, inbox flooding, spamming and hiff huffs. A perfect solution to every one's problem.

Task : Just you need to tell your friends and people who are looking for job to send resumes to only one email Id We will make a central repository of the same so that any time any one wish to refer candidates for openings in his company can take the resumes instantly from here.

Plan 1. To maintain a hot dataset of email ids of all consultants and hrs those are on recruitment spree
Scope : First of all we need to collect email Ids of all consultants and HRs of software companies who are catering to job openings. Every one of us are requested here to create a .txt file on their desktop, collect all email ids of HRs and consultants from all the job related mails that comes to their personal mail Inbox, email id of HR people of their own companies, third party consultant ids and Ids of any relevent people. Every week they can send the same to us and we have designed scripts which will merge all contents of text files provided by all and remove the duplicate Ids from the chunk. Then we will upload the same in "Nilachakra" web site Email Id section. This will help our job searching friends to apply for job instantly.

Task : We request every one to please do this so that we can come up with a huge collection of Email Ids of HRs and consultants.

Plan 2. Let's regularly scan the market feasibility and scope of our profile. This will trigger us improve our skills regularly
Scope : Please upload your fresh resume to "Naukri dot com", "Monster dot com", "Dice dot com" & "jobsahead dot com" even though you are no more looking for job, as this will fetch you some valuable job opening details which are precious for other. At the end of the day just pick the email ids from these job mails and send them across to us in a text file. Again we can also spend a bit of time on this sites everyday beyond office hours and search for jobs for our skill sets thru their search boxes. From the end results collect the email ids and put in the text file. This will help us get sets of email ids for hot jobs of all types skill sets in a regular basis. A priceless gift for people who are looking for job.

Task : To spend 10 minutes collecting emails IDs from mails due to freshly updated resumes of all experience levels and types of resumes in job sites and relevent search box queried results.

Plan 3. In IT eco system, let's help all every time regularly and get helped in return as and when needed.
Scope : Let's every one of us practice a habit of referring at least 5 resumes of our job searching Oriya brothers and sisters per day to our internal job referral portals or directly send to HRs as per current openings in our companies. If one thousand among us will internally refer 5 resumes per day for one month at least, I bet we will cover all Oriyans who are still struggling for job and thus all our unemployed Oriya friends will start getting at least 10 calls per day per head. That's more than enough for them, the real talents will get picked up and others will get motivated to brush up to be picked next. Thus we won't have any more of our Oriya brothers and sisters unemployed struggling for job any more. Over that we will also be benefited with Employee referral bonus too. It's a win win affair for all.

Task : Once the central repository web site will be ready, all of us have to collect 5 resumes from it every day and refer against our internal job openings. After that get ready to enjoy the massive hike in salary due to referral benefits. 150 of the referred resumes per month will have a guaranteed return of at least 10 successful referral benefits per month.

Plan 4. Free coaching classes
Scope : A real fantastic initiative taken by few Oriya professionals is their revolutionary concept of free coaching classes by skill set experts to job searching peoples. This concept and idea is in place since almost a year with huge success rate and productivity. All we need to add value is to motivate, promote and encourage people to participate in either wings of this flight, a skilled professional to be a instructor and a job searching person to be a sincere attendee for the same.

Task : Please come forward and participate in such activities. To engage with the distance issues and class room capacity, Let's make it area wise parallel activity across all cities of India. Let's arrange free coaching classes by Oriyans to Oriyans in all software cities of India.


Suggestion 1 :
Parallel to the activities that we will be fielding on at one side, we sincerely request all our job searching brothers and sisters to completely brush up all their skill sets, all relevent materials and stuffs to be covered once, all notes and papers to be scanned and boost up their other personal qualities like personalities, communication skill, fluency in english, professionalism, convincing power etc. Ensure your self to be the best of the ones to be picked. Let your this time resume be 10 times more skill full, efficient, power full and call fetching one as compared to earlier one.

Suggestion 2 :
Learn or take guidance and help from friends to prepare a best suitable resume, a simple and descent email Id, mailing manners to enhance your resume visibility and interview winning techniques from experts. Copying other's resume has been an age old traditional method followed by all in the name of resume preparation. It's high time we must get rid of this and type each and every characters and words of our own resume. Me must think that resume is the only medium of entering into a professional world and it's a picture of how much we know about our selves. We must make it of our own and not copy and paste other's. How ever we can always take reference, advice, guidance and suggestion from others to help us mend our resume. For all this you can also contact me at I can guide on this.

Suggestion 3 :
All working professionals are requested here with to regularly check for any job openings at their respective companies and pass the details on to us so that we will be sincerely uploading the same to Nilachakra web site. Believe me all time in every company, some or the other recruitment goes on. In our busy schedule all it matters is a fraction of time to find the same out internally and try helping others.

Suggestion 4 :
My sincere request to the boys and girls who are looking for job, to be more sincere to preparation, focused to their career, attentive towards studies and disciplined and regular to practice. This is much more than enough to get a job. I have personally noticed boys and girls after passing out from Orissa come to all major cities in search of job and freak around with friends, do all kinds of gibberish works, start falling in affairs, un necessary gossiping at street corners or restaurants, adopt western life style and culture with "live in together before marriage" kind of relations, forget the basic minimum standards of being divine to GOD and among all these they really forget the objective of their life. Believe me this way you may get happiness but not stability in anything. I have seen all such people either getting into a wrong job, get a job after years together, Unstable job, Job getting in a wrong with all forged and manipulated documentations and if in job also such people are not justified to their jobs. Sorry to hurt few people but it's true. Few Oriya people who are into such things, let's all come out of such stuffs and make a clean and crystal clear image in the society. Let's be the pride of our state.

Suggestion 5 :
Spoiling other's career : It has come to notice that few people are over jealous if they don't get the job but some one else achieves it and due to this what they do is some thing which will make your hairs stand straight. They complain to the HR of that company where one has got a job telling all unnecessary and absurd things about the candidate who got the job and make sure that the candidate looses his job. This they even don't hesitate to do against their own room mates, child hood friends and life time colleagues too. This is not only ridiculous but also can be coined as the worst crime of professionalism. This not only spoils some one's career but also creates a bad impression with the IT companies for all candidates either from the same college, university or even the state. I would strongly recommend if those who do this to come out from such a nasty work of back stabbing. I would request others to be extremely careful and alert against such crimes.

Hope this message has enough stimulant to spread the sense of positive energy in our veins. Let's all come together to help all the ones in need. Remember the pioneers of Orissa like Madhu babu and Gopabandhu. They neither had cell phones, Honda city, luxurious apartment nor internet, still they could do miracles. Why can't we ?