sub : Vanishing traditions of Orissa

Date : Dec 04, 2006 8:36 PM

Jai Jagannath,

With the flow of rapidly changing society and inclination towards western culture, The age old Glorious traditions of Osha, Brata and Mela in Orissa have perished to rubble. Now people are preferring

Western manifested fooding habits Western trended Education institutes Blended and trimmed clothing And the most impacting risk is disrespect of human values.

Under these jumbo feet we have smashed the tiny flowers of our splendid and glorious traditions. Now….

1. Odissi dance is getting contaminated with western style ascents and flavors.

2. People are passionate about addiction of drugs that are never heard ever off.

3. Married women are ignorant of Oshas and Bratas but quite well versed with kitty parties and human rights.

4. We have proudly flavored our Puja celebrations with adolescent orchestras and vulgar record dances.

5. Younger forget to touch feet of elders, but acquired the skills of planning conspiracy.

6. Young boys and girls are doing such things which nooe can even think off.

7. People have invented new ways of cheating, corruption and crime.

8. News papers are being packed with words scams, self immolation, assassinations, suicide attacks, religion conversions, naxalism, crude politics, land mafias nick named builders, professional body shopping, terrorism, nuclear powers, attacks on temples and pilgrimage and lot's more.

Are not we enjoying a cruising journey towards dead end of human civilization. Please find attached an analysis about perishing traditions of Orissa. Hope this document has enough stimulation to awake us up.