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1. Why few people struggle for an IT job since years .......

What Siba Ram Baral Says .....

It's about people who are searching for job since couple of years but still havenít got any. If we do a simple analysis, we could discover that the problem lies some where within themselves and most surprisingly the solution too.

The problem :
looking for a job with Skill sets like Java, C, C++ or Soft ware Testing and that too without experience.

1. Although interviews for such skill sets happen very frequently, but there use to be very few vacancies and for that crores of applicants use to gather since early morning.
2. Mostly in such interviews the main objective of the interviewers is ď how to eliminate all keeping just few a side ď rather than ď how to select few among allĒ.
3. In such a case an applicant after fighting thru the huge crowd may get success in reaching the recruiterís table just to drop the resume or even after a tremendous performance lands up in hearing a common phrase ď We will get back to you ď.
4. Interviews for such skill sets also use to be too painful and vague. Although the candidate performs extremely well still he doesnít get success some times because of so many factors.
5. If some one gets a job also getting a good salary package is far beyond imagination as the competition market is too high.
6. Continuing on such jobs is also full of risk and everyday in the company runs like a nightmare. You need to struggle and struggle day and night till your last breathe to keep your demand in the company.
7. As such skill sets are decade old hence itís not wise to trust upon them for next 10 years. They may get replaced with advanced user friendly compilers, program editors or even designer windows. If it happens soÖ you will be of no use to the organization.
8. You can neither demand nor expect a good hike in such line as because there is always some one out side the company looking for job whom the company thinks can do a better job than you and that too with lesser salary.
9. Volume of competition increases every day for such skill set but not the amount of opportunity.
10. There use to be numerous rounds of physical, mental and psychological harassments in the name of interview.
11. You will be never having the privileges of fixing the interview schedule as per your convenience. You have to go to interview with your own expense and trouble.
12. There use to be a huge crowd at the interview venue well before the scheduled time and you need to fight thru it to reach the recruiterís table Ö. Just to drop your resume.
13. Itís some times heard that huge crowd is even treated with harsh manners. Companies either cancel such events or call on police for handling the crowd in their own style.
14. Some times a small disturbance in the queue results in stampede where in girls become the ultimate victims.
15. You may face some ridiculous and embarrassing situations that you would have never imagined in your life.

Suggestion / Remedy :

1. Never ever select such a common Skill set ( like Java, C, C++ or Soft ware Testing and that too without experience ) as your career path where in getting a job is almost impossible. Looking for a job in such skill set is like participating in a marathon.
2. Always select a skill set which is rare and unique. ( ExampleÖ.. Cognus, Eltran, SIEBEL, PeopleSoft, Vision Plus, JD Edwards, SAP, Six Sigma etc.)
3. In such cases you will never face any competition in the market and the opportunities will be ever green for you.
4. You can always demand the salary package of your choice.
5. Remember that such skill sets are futuristic. You can trust on these and still can survive for the next 10 years.
6. During the interview you wonít be facing any challenges or tricky questions as because the interviewer himself may know as little as you know.
7. Even Interview processes for such skill sets are like mere formalities of discussion and hardly happens for 5 to 10 minutes. You will be treated as a supreme guest to the company who wants to meet the Chairman rather than a candidate for interview waiting to meet the interviewer.
8. You will be treated as a king and will be asked for tea, coffee or snacks and will be interviewed inside the chairmanís cabin. There will be hardly one or two rounds of interview.
9. Being in the same city also you can have the aristocracy and privileges of opting for a telephonic interview just by telling that ď You canít come for Interview as you are too busyĒ
10. you can even have the craze of collecting offer letters from all the companies that you have dreamt off and then decide which one to join.
11. You will be the highest payee employee in the market. Remember the Top IT guys who sit on piles of billions are not having a skill set so common.

For a technically qualified person the most challenging task is to select a futuristic, career oriented, profession driven career path. A person after passing his Techno professional degrees (like BE, MCA, M Sc Ö.. ) stands at such a cross road where in he finds numerous career options to choose from. Here in he finds himself to be immature enough to select the best suitable career path for himself.

It's commonly observed that most of the candidates from Orissa after passing their techno professional degrees rush to cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and Pune and there after starts a massive job hunt. Itís true that few gets a job within months or so, but the rest of them struggle for years together but never see the face of success. In such cases if we do a small study what we could find is the problem lies within themselves and no one else and

The basic Problem is ---- Selecting a skill set or platform or domain as career path. Itís commonly observed that people rush to Bangalore in search of job after their degrees but are not too sure with their objectives. They simply get dragged along others and take up Java, C, C++ or even Software Testing as their career path. Here start the Mahabharata of struggle and difficulties.

Never ever select such a skill set for career path which puts you in a big Marathon. We all know that looking for a job with Skill sets like Java, C, C++ or Soft ware Testing and that too without experience is very difficult because there are already lakhs of competitors roaming in the market in search of job. So I would suggest never to run in a race where thousands are already running. You need to overtake all to be the winner. Rather than that always select a race where in hardly one or two people are running. So as the chances of winning will be more. In the same way never select Skill sets like Java, C, C++ or Soft ware Testing and that too without experience as your career path where in you have to struggle a lot, rather select a rare skill set as your career path.

Now if the doubt here is how to Search for a unique skill set Ö. Just look into jobs sections in News papers and magazines. Look at the skill set section. The word which you donít understand or never heard off Ö is the clue and hint to dress up your resume with a gorgeous new uniform of skill.

Hope you all find this to be a lesson and will also feel free to share across similar flavors from your end. Please mail me at or call me at 9 8 4 5 7 6 0 8 4 8 for communicating any valuable suggestions, advices, issues, concerns and/or inclusion of Information, materials, stuffs and inputs from your end.

Siba Ram Baral


2. Few limitations that we must overcome .......

What Siba Ram Baral Says .....

During the recent interview drives that are being conducted across various IT industries, it has been observed that most of the candidates who basically belong to Orissa have certain distinguished limitations. This not only pin points and segregates them out of the rest but also leads to certain unsatisfactory situations.

First of all I must appreciate that Oriya candidates and IT professionals are excellent at technology, theoretically strong, always interested in learning, scientific in nature, motivated, dedicated towards their career, supportive, dynamic and polite. But due to few of the sort falls and area of improvements they are not success driven in all interviews. Here in I will be discussing few of the major concerns which needs immediate attention and steady get over.

1. Communication Skill :

The most important and critical aspect of a selection process. Need highest amount of care and attention.

The problem : ---- It has been commonly observed during interviews that Oriya candidates can be well distinguished from others because of their oral communication. The moment interviewer notices this he gives a curly lip smile and the result goes against the candidates. And we curse ourselves or the interviewer for getting disqualified at the last round. Now what we are lacking here is proper pronunciation and perfection in grammar.

The Solution : ---- Let me tell you itís not at all difficult and can be easily over taken by a little of practice and exercise. The best piece of reference can be English news in television. I would suggest all is to once visit the following channels and get referred.

Headlines today : For observing how to speak English in Indian Ascent.

BBC : For observing how to speak English in British Ascent.

Letís learn and practice how to answer during interview processes at home by conducting mock interview sessions with room mates and friends. The more frequently we do this, the more we will be perfect and hence the more we will be close to success.

2. Copying otherís resumes :

This is an age old traditional method followed by all in the name of resume preparation. Itís high time we must get rid of this and type each and every characters and words of our own resume. Me must think that resume is the only medium of entering into a professional world. We must make it of our own and not copy and paste otherís. How ever we can always take reference, advice, guidance and suggestion from others to help us mend our resume.

3. Getting diverted :

Itís a common observation that after graduating from Orissa candidates flood into other cities for the sake of job search but once they land here they completely forget their primary objective. Most of the people gets diverted in the lights and nights of city life rather than concentrating in their career. I would suggest that a job makes your career. Hence first do all that possible to get a job and then go for others. Any way the fame of brigade road, commercial, a movie at PVR, forum and even girl friends Ö. Every thing can wait for you if they are really yours but an opportunity never waits. It comes once and thatís it. You must not miss it. You need to avail that and shape your career with it.

4. Getting cheated :

Never fall prey to cheaters around who measures everything worth of money. Never approach or get attracted towards any person who tells you to train something worth of a huge lump some money. I think by this time you could have know what I am referring to. Yes itís non other than Protocol testing. Always look for people who could share more than the knowledge that you buy and that too absolutely free of cost.

5 . Aiming at multi skilled career :

I would rather suggest to be skill concentric rather than putting hands on all areas. I mean better to look for a particular line of job rather than making several resumes for various skill sets and playing with the IT companies with all these multi skilled resumes on a chess board.

6. Spoiling otherís career :

It has come to notice that few people are over jealous if they donít get the job but some one else achieves it and due to this what they do is some thing which will make our hairs stand still. They complain to the company telling all unnecessary and absurd things about the candidate who got the job and make sure that the candidate looses his job. This they even donít hesitate to do against their own room mates and life long friends.

This is not only ridiculous but also can be coined as the worst crime of professionalism. This not only spoils some oneís career but also creates a bad impression with the It companies for all candidates either from the same college, university or even the state. I would strongly recommend if we those who do this to come out from such a nasty work of back stabbing. I would request others to be extremely careful and alert against such crimes.

Hope you all find this to be a lesson and will also feel free to share across similar flavors from your end. Please mail me at or call me at 9 8 4 5 7 6 0 8 4 8 for communicating any valuable suggestions, advices, issues, concerns and/or inclusion of Information, materials, stuffs and inputs from your end.